I can’t read, watch, or listen…

…without wanting to write.

I read books, watch documentary and documentary-type stuff or discussions on Youtube, and listen to talk shows on the radio, and everything I absorb I want to write about.

It’s not an urge to write, per se, but that is my means of articulating my inner-thoughts on the topic; if I was more vocal I would record or video more, or if I was surrounded by people with which to converse with, then I’d perhaps get things off my chest/mind that way.

Some discussions I have with others compel me to do the same.

The problem is, I no longer seem to be able to just read a book or watch a film without having my head filled with ideas to express, which makes it very difficult to find something to do/read/watch/listen to that is purely relaxing or absorptive, while I eat a meal for example.

I make notes on stuff; pretty much every book I read has a page or more or notes scribbled down and while I’m sat at my computer listening to the radio or watching something on Youtube, the moment something interesting is said I either start a new blog post (that probably more often than not doesn’t make it beyond a Draft) or I open up Notepad and start making notes (that file again probably more often than not either gets filed away or deleted, rather than being formed into a coherent blog post worth publishing). Sometimes topics I want to write about make their way onto ‘To Do’ lists.

Kirk mentioned something of relevance on his blog recently about people who dream of a relaxed life, sitting by a pool sipping a martini while a naked woman/man massages our feet. The only way I can envisage such a scenario to find myself in these days would be if the martini was perhaps a cup of coffee and I had a book to read, and a notebook and pen to hand. But then it still doesn’t work because I can really only drink one cup of coffee a day, and I’m thinking having my feet massaged (aka tickled), would distract me too much from book.

It’s a bit like the Sunday morning lie-in. In my childhood years I quite liked having a lie-in, but that perhaps just allowed me to catch up on some needed sleep after a week at school. Now I can’t do it; once I’m awake I want to be up and out of bed. Very rarely I will have a chilled out morning in bed with a hot beverage… and a book.

I wonder if most people are in one camp or the other; or are those that can switch from being simply an absorber of stuff to someone who wants to make something of everything?

This probably reveals the underlying issue for me, and others: my brain insists on trying to think everything through, and for me to try and make sense of it all, and make something of it (being creative rather than passive about the things I entertain my mind with), I have to write it down. I would like everything to come together into a worthy blog post, or hey, maybe even a book one day, but as said, the blog posts don’t always unfold that way, probably because my mind has been distracted by another topic.

The problem is that I feel myself becoming overwhelmed by all the things on my mind and I then don’t know what to read or watch in my ‘spare time’ that won’t added to the already burdenous* pile.


ADD anyone?!*

*Attention Deficit Disorder was something I considered whilst writing my post on Internet Addiction. I thought I had written more specifically about ADD in another topic since then, but it seems not (perhaps it lies in a To Do list somewhere). It seems that either those with ADD are quite prone to Internet Addiction, or Internet Addiction can cause ADD or ADD-like symptoms. Here is that post on Internet Addiction:



Image source: http://absurdwordpreferred.deviantart.com/art/Brain-FREE-Transparent-PNG-130589663


  1. Totally agree with what you say here: I find it very hard to watch or read stuff without having a multitude of thoughts I want to scribble down.
    And thanks for quoting me. Incidentally my name is either Sarada Gray or Lizardyoga – Kirk out is just a cute sign-off 🙂

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