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Being fake…

At 2am I woke from a very weird dream and I had a few names floating vividly round my head and keen not to let myself fall back to sleep and forget them I got out of bed, switched on a light, and found my notebook and pen – I have a notebook I write dreams in but had used it so little recently that is was not beside my bed; luckily I was strangely lucid and even the bright light didn’t hurt my eyes.

The gist of the dream was that I was with my high school friend, but at college (a common place in my dreams), and we were being accused by a group of fellow students for the murder of another student. This accusation took the form of some bullying, or rather, in my case, threats to my car which I had intended to drive to college the next day. The whole situation was pretty familiar to my high school experience (except for the murder part), but borderline laughable in that I didn’t even know who this student was until I started to be accused. I turned round in my chair in the canteen and confronted the group. This confrontation was very calm and I spoke what I needed say and even when I awoke I was still thinking of things to say in my defence, although I was puzzled by this point as to why the police weren’t involved if this group genuinely did think we had any involvement in such a thing.

I actually woke from this dream with three names on my mind, the third one just being a muddle of the first and last names of two students I was at school with, one being the lad speaking on behalf of the group targeting my friend and me. The first two names however sounded familiar, but I didn’t know who they were until I googled them. In the dream the murdered person was given one name, but when I woke I attributed another name to him, as in dream-like fashion I can sometimes see one person but know them as someone else; this instance was somewhat similar to that.

The second name turned out to be that of someone who was in the news a while back as having indeed been murdered; the first name however lead me to a Youtube video of British politician miming the national anthem, which reminded me of the Mr Bean church scene, when he doesn’t know the words to the carol he is supposed to be singing… the underlying message I glean from this is not to portray yourself as something you’re not; don’t fake something; don’t mix with or try and be accepted into a group that isn’t “you”.

I think there’s a good message there but let’s take a look at the light-heartedness of those videos:

And now returning to a serious note, I have now found and am going to watch…


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