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The Dead Web


Having been online for more than fifteen years, from which time everything seemed so new, and raw, it’s now common for me to find dead-ends; old content that was added and then the site abandoned; blogs with the more recent post dating back five years or more; Youtube channels that were once frequently added to but suddenly cease, or user profiles that having been updated in years.

Have all those authors died or do they just give up on their efforts one day?

Occasionally authors of websites have died and someone else takes over the running, or bloggers acknowledge their departure. It’s all understandable, but when I was trying to piece some things together regarding ‘podcast receivers’ I found a further string of dead-ends and departures.

Firstly the software called Juice which I had recently come across had ceased to be developed beyond the era of Windows XP, which explained why trying to make it run on a Windows 10 system failed (Compatibility modes were of no success). I had seen it working on a Windows 7 system and when that was upgraded to Windows 10 it still seemed to work, but a fresh install on Windows 10, nu-uh.


I tried copying a working Program Files directory to a system where the program failed with the above, but that changed nothing – the problem must lie elsewhere.

I thought that was a good clue I could share with the maker of the software, for which there turned out to be a few. I followed each link in turn to those developer’s individual websites, and found two blogs that hadn’t been updated since 2014, and 2009. Depressing stuff.

I found a helpful video on Youtube earlier today and towards the end, with answers still being sought, the speaker said to watch their next video… but after six months they have seemingly abandoned their cause and I’m left at a dead-end!

I myself have abandoned various projects over the years, and for ones that have been a part of my life for a while it can be hard to let go; either efforts decline and you have a final inner battle with yourself, or you have an inner battle with yourself for a while and then there is a final ‘snap’ when you quit suddenly. Sometime there becomes or always has been a juggle between priorities in one’s life. Seeing these final effects from others reminds me of this. As for keeping things current I try and manage my additions to the internet from an anti-hoarder’s perspective; frequently scrutinising older content and stripping out the now irrelevant, sometimes repackaging it into a new format – I have enough old blog posts to fill a book and Second Life snapshots to cover a wall.


2 comments on “The Dead Web

  1. blogmefast
    7 September, 2016

    I feel that the Internet is like a new life. We were not exactly born with it, “at least it is for me”, so we try all sort of new things just for the sake of exploring, just like our real life..

    • Brian
      7 September, 2016

      You have just reminded me of how the internet felt for me when it was a new part of my life; a curiosity, a world of wonder, and yes, something to add to and complement our “real life”. I wonder if younger generations get this sense if they grow up with it right from the start of their lives. I would like to start seeing the internet in this way again…

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