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What if all our friends and everyone we know…

…exist only within our mind?

I had this epiphanous sensation while I was riding along on my bike.

Like when we dream, it seems to me that the people we meet in our dreams aren’t actually the people themselves, they are figments of our imagination – how they treat us or react to us are just what we imagine, likely based on some logic linked to how we see them act in our waking lives.

  1. If we treat someone badly, we harm ourselves.
  2. When someone else does wrong by us, we only imagine this – the feeling is self-inflicted.
  3. To do wrong by someone in return because of 2. see 1.

I say it was epiphanous (which I’m not sure is a word, but it is now) because the feeling this thought gave me was that I had just stumbled upon some fundamental truth, although I questioned it further.

I had been watching the sciency series Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman, and a recurring theme is that quantum mechanics shows that when fundamental quantum particles can exist in one of two states (the double slit experiment) the particle exists in both until it is observed – therefore the universe would not exist without an observer. Whose to say we are all individual observers? Maybe I’m the only one; maybe you only exist because I observe you!

Then a few days later I was in a face-to-face conversation with someone and while she was talking to me I actively returned to the thought, and it seemed wrong; my brain couldn’t be making it up. It didn’t fit. I therefore concluded that I perhaps spend too much time chatting to people online, via a keyboard, and therefore distancing myself from what is real.

But maybe I’m just talking to myself 😉

My point about how we treat others still stands though; if we do wrong by others then we do wrong by ourselves.


2 comments on “What if all our friends and everyone we know…

  1. Jen
    12 August, 2016

    I hope I exist. When I was a little kid, I used to wonder, what if everything that’s happening is just a dream? That thought had floated from my memory until I was reading your post. 🙂

  2. blogmefast
    30 August, 2016

    Like i am the product of my imagination. Somewhat scary. But i like to think that we all exist in flesh and mind. It has been proven scientifically. And yet i hope i have not created that also. These thoughts come and go. Like what if i now make a typo and come back in 10 years from now and realize it just then; would that not be funny..

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