Flat Earth and the City of Ember


I’m just going to throw this out there because I’ve been bombarding myself with so much weird stuff lately and this is the latest “What if?” to run through my head.

I’ve been watching some Youtube videos made by people who believe the Earth is flat. The latest one is a Vlog by Karlee Sunshine [link] who was pondering about how we might get out of this world we’re in; get outside the “dome” and beyond the “firmament”, if that’s what indeed exits beyond Antarctica and above us.

The way she was describing this reminded me of the film City of Ember which I blogged about back in 2004 (which is based on a book I have yet to read) [link]. In that post I related how perhaps we are living in some soft of City of Ember, as I envisaged the world back then, but now I also see how it can also relate to this concept of being trapped within a dome, which that City effectively was, but ours being on a much vaster scaled up version; maybe not with a failing ‘sun’ but with various ‘systems’ failing all the same.

Part of the argument for a Flat Earth is the UN Flag, which is said to depict the truth of the matter, and then I saw this clip from the film:



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