A quiet blogging world…

It has been a few weeks since I have posted anything here on my blog and there is more than one reason for this which I will try and pull forward and explain.

“Writer’s block” seems too much of a label that I might try and shoe-horn my reasoning into, but then again the term, as I have read about it in the past, is/can be far reaching. I have things to say and write but perhaps I feel overwhelmed by it all and don’t know where to begin – I’ve hoarded Draft posts before now and still do! Topics overlap and I struggle with separating them so as to whittle off a mile-long post that few people will find helpful.

“Effective blogging” is something I think about. I find it easy to just start writing like this, on a personal level, and waffle on for a while, but I then think that is best kept to a personal journal/diary because the writing style I want to employ here is one that helps others – sure I can reveal a personal topic but the best way to help others through my blog is to outline stuff, keeping it simple with headings and solutions.

tags“Sharing with others” is what it’s all about. I love these intermingling circles of bloggers that share similar topics and share comments, it’s like a little family at times and reading the blogs of others can make them (or you!) feel like friends you’re catching up with over a cup of tea of coffee. But… ever since WordPress ditched a helpful feature that gave me a simple means of finding other blogs on a similar topic to what I had just written about, I’ve found it hard to find and attract new blood. As far as site statistics are concerned my blog still gets ‘plenty of visitors’, in fact it surprises me when I get more in a month whenI hardly posted anything, but that’s not what it’s about for me; I’m not seeking to break any records with likes and followers, but I do seek like-minded people to share topics with, the same as in all worlds I travel, real or virtual. Unless new people happen to find me, I have to go looking by using the following URL:

https://wordpress.com/tag/%5BInsert word or phrase]

“Internet addiction” is something I’ve also been battling with. Finding a balance between logging in and getting things done and logging in and finding myself on Second Life is a tough one. I used to try and fool myself into thinking I could do both, but to really get things done I need to knuckle down and focus on one task at a time. And then I return to the question of “Why?” But that’s perhaps too deep for one post! Some days I try not to use my computer or the internet at all in order that I can get some real world things done, but then that makes blogging hard! I can’t set myself a day and a time to sit down and write, I don’t work like that.

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