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What’s this bird?

For the past couple of nights, since I’ve had my bedroom window open here in North Wales, UK, I hear this little fellow chatting away for a while. Each verse sounds so intricate and different from the last; the previous night’s had less ‘ticking’ in the tweeting.

I’m curious, what kind of bird is it? I’m useless with bird-types.


6 comments on “What’s this bird?

  1. bribikes
    9 June, 2016

    Bummer, I am at a public library right now and I have no headphones so I can’t listen to it…but I am not great with birds either so I probably would be no help whatsoever anyway!

  2. Sarada Gray
    10 June, 2016


    • Brian
      11 June, 2016

      It looks similar but listening online this one’s song is different and more complex… unless it’s a chough with a lot to say.

      • Sarada Gray
        11 June, 2016

        A very intellectual chough, perhaps…

  3. hiddenhoarder
    11 June, 2016

    The only birds I know by their tweets are cardinals and robins.

    • Brian
      11 June, 2016

      I don’t know what a cardinal looks or sounds like (I shall google it now)… as for robins, I don’t think I don’t think I’ve knowingly heard one. I like swallows’ chatter, and the sounds of a pheasant.

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