The Vodafone Saga, continues…


Without repeating myself (because you can read about it here at my previous post), two weeks ago Vodafone gave me 50 free minutes after credit had been slowly disappearing from my account, and they also refunded me the missing credit. I had logged in to my account to try and see where it had gone but I was presented with an error message.

My credit was back up to £5.08, and I had enough minutes to last me a while, so it was strange when I routinely checked my balance today to find there was now only £4.48. My first thought was “Oh no, the problem is still there!” but when I logged into my account to see if I could see my call history, I was first thankful that I could now see my call history (as I couldn’t before) and immediately I saw that the free minutes I had been given had all vanished – I knew I hadn’t used them all. The 60p of credit had been spent legitimately, but accidentally, on a phone call, due to the missing free minutes.

Again, I fired up Vodafone’s “Chat to someone” box and clearly explained my problem and without further explanation from them I was quickly awarded more free minutes, this time 100, but this time they stipulated they would last for (only) one month (I guess the last ones were destined to only last half of that). Oh well, yay for free minutes!


The only remaining issue that now remains is that I received a text message from Vodafone yesterday informing me that the automatic renewal of the £5 credit pack I did have in place has now been removed due to insufficient funds – I’m now short of 60p on my account (because I used that before I knew the 50 free minutes had expired), so I can’t renew my £5 pack… and… I’m not certain it’s still available because the last time I looked into it the cheapest pack, containing minutes, texts and data, was £10 – I only wanted the £5 pack because it contained enough minutes for me. Ho-hum. I’ll deal with this in a month.


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