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Time for a New Theme


After blogging here on WordPress for over four years I decided to change my blog’s theme.

I had tried before to change it but I couldn’t settle on which theme to use. Even this time I’m not 100% happy but I like how visitors are presented with a snapshot of my blog posts when they arrive, rather than the very last post filling their view.

I drew up a list of features I liked and didn’t like that I was either accustomed to with my original theme, or what I was seeing was on offer with available free themes. These considerations should be useful to anyone choosing a theme.

  • Menu bar – position or even present (if you don’t have separate pages, such as an About page then this doesn’t matter).
  • Active layout – some themes will adjust themselves to fit on different sized screens and devices
  • Pictures on Home page – some themes will show a snapshot of your recent posts, so will use your posts’ pictures, text, or both; if your blog is all about the pictures then the first one is great but for me, even though lots of my posts are about the words I still wanted pictures, to keep the view visually interesting (I usually try and include a picture with my posts).
  • ‘Read more’ – some themes will limit each posts’ text on the Home page view and then include a ‘read more’ link, some seem to omit this making navigation less clear, others have a big button.
  • Side bar – in addition to a Menu bar with links to your separate page you might use a sidebar that contains your categories, tags, and search box, so consider how this looks and if it’s even present in the them you’re considering.
  • Tags – I noticed that some themes make the displaying of a post’s tags very prominent. While I make the point of tagging my posts well I don’t consider the tags to be something to be clearly displayed, more that they are to aid a blog’s function and searching.
  • Colours, fonts and layout – these are what will visually attract you towards a particular theme but consider that a theme’s colours suit your content and your personal style. I noticed some themes used large and bold fonts for post titles and for me these were too distracting.
  • Customisation – consider what parts of a theme you can customize. My chosen theme used a turquoise colour as a rollover effect on the Home page; I don’t particularly like this and can’t change it, but I found a picture to use as a logo image that complements it.

As I came to accept, no one theme would meet all my requirements so some compromises had to be accepted. If you’re new to blogging and choosing a theme for the first time you may be in a better position to fit your content to a desired theme, but consider what might become a limiting factor later on.

Feel free to tell share your views.


3 comments on “Time for a New Theme

  1. hiddenhoarder
    11 April, 2016

    I think it’s so hard to pick out a theme. It takes me forever!! I totally agree about tags. I don’t like it when my tags are displayed prominently. I prefer not to see them at all.

  2. hiddenhoarder
    11 April, 2016

    I also wanted to say that I like the new theme you’ve picked out!

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