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Drip, drip, drip – to Vodafone

30 days ago I had £5 in my Vodafone account and a credit pack in place to provide me with enough minutes in place to last me the month.

I didn’t send any text messages, I didn’t use any data (my phone isn’t that smart), and I didn’t use voicemail to call back a message (something that the minutes don’t cover you for).

Yet by the time my minutes expired at the end of the 30 days, I only had £3.19 left. So where did it go?

I had suspected money was dripping out of my account and since I had knowingly begun the month on a exact £5, it was easy to recognise this time.

What should have happened was the entire £5 should have been in place to enable the credit pack (costing £5) to automatically renew. Instead I got a text message from Vodafone saying they had tried to renew the credit pack but there was insufficient funds: “You need to top up.”

I logged into my account to try and view my usage for the past month, but I got the following error message:


This isn’t the first time I’ve seen such error messages in my account.

This time one of those “Would you like to talk to us?” boxes popped up on my screen, so I went ahead and clicked Yes.

After some minutes of being passed from person to the next, I then played a round of the “Guess your memorable word” challenge. I guessed correctly and won myself £1.81 (or rather I was refunded what had been ‘taken’) and was awarded 50 free minutes.


My host ended our game with a “I hope this will bring a smile on your face?” and a promise that the issue had been rectified… although explanation as to why/how it had occurred in the first place (I did try and ask).

I still can’t view my Usage history – perhaps that will resolve itself.

Now I’m wondering what will happen about the automatic renewal of the credit pack, since I have sufficient funds – will it wait until these 50 free minutes are used up and then kick in… or has it been removed and lost? (Vodafone seem to have stopped offering the £5 pack of minutes, so I was keen to keep it in place)

I will continue to keep an eye on credit and I recommend others to do the same – I doubt this is a one-off and unique experience; I once had a small discrepancy with Amazon for which I got no communication/explanation/refund from them when I tried to query it. Thanks for Vodafone for offering to refund it without any pressure, but it really shouldn’t have happened should it. £1.81 one month, perhaps each month; that’s around £20 lost in a year.

P.S. I still can’t view my Itemised Usage.

The saga continues here…


3 comments on “Drip, drip, drip – to Vodafone

  1. taskerdunham
    5 April, 2016

    You have to watch these PAYG conditions really carefully. I’m on O2 and unless you make or receive calls or texts regularly it is disconnected and all credit wiped. That’s no problem for me as I get regular texts from the bank, but the other condition is that you have to top up at least once every 999 days (about 2.7 years) or else you also lose everything. I know it’s laughable but I got caught out once, and although they did reconnect it with the same number I lost the credit. Now I make diary notes to ensure it doesn’t happen again. I last topped up in July 2014 since when the credit balance has shrunk to £8.93. I will be putting in another £10 this July. What’s also quite funny to some (e.g. my children) is that my mobile is now so ‘retro’ it’s trendy – a Siemens A55 bought in 2003. It still holds its charge and works fine.

    • Brian
      6 April, 2016

      Thank for your insight – I’ve heard about the need to top up every once in a while from people who keep a basic phone just for emergencies. And great to have an older phone – I’ve never been interested in the latest and greatest… your phone probably makes better voice calls than a new one 😉 Frustrating about the disappearing credit though… maybe it’s common practice to syphon away credit… just a small amount from enough people and the boss gets a new car.

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