Happy Easter!

It’s Easter Day – I hope the Easter Bunny left you all some yummy Easter eggs 😀

It seems like I’ve spent the day spring cleaning my office (at home)… aka, moving furniture around and clearing some stuff out with the view to making the space more usable but in the process addressing some deeper stuff about one’s life’s focus… and all that jazz! It’s good to take a rein-check every once in a while, take stock of what’s around us and where things are heading.

The clocks went forward this morning, “British Summertime” begins, and with this my computers go off, you know (or may not), all the ones I use for participating in SETI@home and keeping my home warm through the colder months. Or that was the plan, because I actually started switching them off a week or so ago when I felt the weather warming up. The weather is at that in between and changeable phase where I can never guess how warm the day will be… or how many computers I ‘need’ to leave on. I wanted to see what progress I would make in the project – it would take me another few months to gain a place in the UK standings; that I will have to leave until the end of the year.



Oh, and I missed Earth Hour (again), you know, where we switch off all electrical things for an hour, although it wasn’t the first time I forgot (it’s because I don’t watch TV or the news); somehow it seems better that I know I missed it than know it happened and did nothing about it; not that I’m pointing any fingers, just I think it’s good to be mindful of these things. I’m considering making another day It, but perhaps that defeats the purpose; to be able to choose – I did always make the time one of reflection though, about how we use electricity and how we treat our planet.

I’ve been trying to wake up earlier, with the sun, to make maximum use of the hours of sunlight, and thus less time in the evening with a light on, burning electricity. It’s a little tricky when work rarely demands that I be awake or to bed early, but I like the personal challenge of trying to make me live a certain way, a way that I see is best, even when there are no other commitments; I’m just about to begin reading a library book: “The Marshmallow Test” by Walter Mischel; “Understanding self-control and how to master it”. Maybe this does actually follow quite neatly on from my last book… one about Socrates.

With the run-up to this planned time of switching my computers off and using less electricity, I’ve been trying to address my internet addiction, or rather a Second Life addiction, and hopefully by not leaving my computer running all day it won’t be so convenient for me to just sit at my main one and log in/out. However, the virtual world is largely my means of socialising so I’m trying to find a balance I’m happy with. The question of, would I recommend SL to anyone, was presented to me some months back and my internal reply was “no!” I’ve been a visitor there for over five years and while I largely enjoy roaming around and exploring the many places and hanging out with the people I meet there, it feels like a burden; the whole compulsion to log in and losing my time – I can easily blow a day there, sometimes just logging in while I do other things but I notice it as a distraction when I do that, even when I’m not talking to anyone. When I keep myself out for a day or two in a row I feel like I’m taking back control of my life and I love how much stuff I can get done when I’m focussed – SL isn’t completely to blame for my lack of focus, but it’s a large part, I’m sure.

Frustratingly I find that too much cycling zaps my energy for other stuff, or I just seem to be spending all my time out of the saddle eating. Again, I find a balance tricky to find and stick to.

Me killing time in Second Life.
Me killing time in Second Life.

I already try to avoid eating breakfast in front of the computer, instead sitting downstairs with a book, and eating my evening meal in my dining room is something else too – not blindly shovelling food in my mouth seems more beneficial too. I feel like I need to focus on these healthier routines, rather than allowing myself to be complacent. But again, I need a health balance; not being too hard on myself is important too!

Sometimes I get into watching some ‘TV’, on Youtube for example, while I eat. But then the stuff I watch makes me want to write about what I’m learning, but then I don’t find the time to sit down and write up what I have to say, and then meal time comes around again, or I borrow another book from the library and all this stuff overwhelms me; too much absorbing, which makes me feel passive to it all, rather than making something of it and being creative.

So, I’ve made my office more friendly to other stuff, reading and writing, creative stuff, without the need for my computer to be on – essentially giving me access to a second area of desk space, space without a computer on it; do you remember such a kind of desk?!

I had considered making another room suitable for this, but they’re either not warm enough at the moment, need too much work, or the space doesn’t feel right. When I moved into my house I had initial ideas about how I wanted to use each of the rooms but it has been interesting how those ideas, and feelings for each space, have changed as I have lived here; I didn’t think this one small room would become my full-time office, my entertainment room… and my music room too.

Speaking of which, here’s my latest little keyboard creation; somewhat unfinished because there are other parts I need to figure out, and this has taken me so long to learn already, but I’m so pleased how I can just play it now…. the whole ‘left hand and right hand’ each doing what they need to do with little thought; it still amuses me!

That be Jan Hammer’s Crockett’s Theme, the theme tune to Miami Vice, which I never watched but the tune was suggested to me… and inspired by that suggestee 😉

More of my musical attempts are to be found in my Music section [link].

Speaking of themes… I’m always thinking about changing my blog’s theme…

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