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Anglesey High Point #1

Following on from my earlier post where I began with Anglesey’s #2 High Point, after learning of the top six highest points on Anglesey where I live, when I had a work call-out to near the #1 point today (for which I cycled to), I decided to take a detour to it.

And here it is, Anglesey’s highest point: Holyhead Mountain:


I had planned out a route beforehand with Google Maps, and decided there were two high points either side of the highest point that were reachable by road.


But here is the actual route I took…


I’m not sure why the terrain chart shows two peaks, the last 0.8 mile where that is looks like this:


Okay, enough maps and charts! First I discovered Ellin’s Tower, built between 1820 and 1850:


And here is South Stack Lighthouse:


I stopped on the way home to scoff a naughty burger, and sip some yummy coffee. By the time I returned home (the return journey under nice rainfall) I had clocked 40+miles… nice 😀


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