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SETI@home – February… one more month of madness

Since my last SETI@home update at the end of January, my Recent Average Credit (RAC) peaked as predicted. However, instead of letting things be I finally gave in and bought a couple of extra graphics cards to add to my arsenal for a short while. I had a spare computer knocking around and an additional PSU to take up the slack.

The two Nvidia 760s arrived next day after my ebay Offer had been instantly accepted and I first tested them individually before setting them to work proper. I was pretty chuffed. Since then I’ve been watching my RAC climb each day, wondering where and when things would stop.


The downside to having additional graphics cards crunching is the additional electricity being consumed, but I wanted to make a last-ditch attempt to make some good headway before I power everything down when British Summer Time begins at the end of March. Since last year I had decided to only run all my computers for SETI@home during the coolest months of the year, effectively using them as heaters. This they have done well, providing me with enough warmth during most weeks to avoid me feeling the need to put my oil-fueled central heating on – it hasn’t been a particularly cold winter here though, hardly ever dropping to freezing outside.

My SETI progress hasn’t been as good as I had hoped though. I was keen to overtake someone who no longer contributes (‘Gone’) but has remained ahead of me in the UK standings for a long while due to their previous efforts, but with some downtime, significantly when January saw the arrival of the setiathome v.8 app, my attempts were thwarted it seemed. I calculate it would take me a further 3.5 months, and I’m only allowing myself one more… oh well, when I power things back up next winter I will continue my chase then.


UK Standings

My current RAC puts me at 4th in the UK, 8th in team GPUUG, and 62nd in the world.


My previous month:


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