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…we cannot yet perceive.

book_childrens_encyclopedia“The world is a big and wonderful thing, ever changing, and we are not clever enough to see where all the changes lead. But we can be sure that there is a wise and good purpose in everything, even in fiery volcanoes and earthquakes, and deserts, and that even a dead forest of the ancient world becomes the source of power for the modern world. Everything is working to the fulfilment of some great end that we cannot yet perceive.” – p.2375 The Children’s Encyclopedia by Arthur Mee, ~1937

It seems to me that we are here because we are meant to be, and this sentiment is echoed in the passage I quote above. I believe the world and universe exist for us, not necessarily through the desires of some bearded wise man in the clouds but because of some ‘hand’ that brought order out of chaos – that’s what Nature is and does, and it doesn’t exist for our “benefit” – however you want to explain it, we are of the universe, we are made of stars; we are the universe – the universe is conscious, we are the evidence of this.

This natural ordering brings forth a form of natural selection but claiming science/Darwin explains it all perhaps paints a picture to most of a gradual path from the Big Bang to the present moment, where life forms have gradually evolved step-by-step to their present state and within this picture we envisage that mankind has gradually evolved too to the present state of Civilization, and that this present state is the most advanced we have ever been and that the path we’re on will progress us on to bigger and better things. But I believe this picture is wrong.

There have been advanced civilisations on this planet before our own, although it seems we don’t fully recognise how advanced because they were on a different path to our own; a past civilisation may not have had the same technologies that we have today, they may not have had the means to travel beyond the surface of the planet, to step foot on other worlds, but they may have been more advanced than ourselves in other ways, perhaps on a personal level; more spiritually advanced, morally advanced or intellectually advanced – who knows?

I believe there is a path through life of least resistance but that there are also troubled times to experience. I feel that in many ways we are on the wrong path, but not necessarily that everyone is in the same place or that the path as a whole is wrong – a path is a path and perhaps neither wrong or right – we can take steps back and try again, circle round and repeat certain habits a few times before seeing a better way forward. We can be on the wrong path but yet still find our way – we can stumble around in the dark for a while before we find the light switch.

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One comment on “…we cannot yet perceive.

  1. Argus
    8 April, 2016

    I like it. Can’t agree with all of it, but I respect the thoughts that lead anyone to question further/deeper.

    For myself I distrust anyone (science or religion) that emphatically states ‘answers’. Brrr.

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