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The Rottentrolls warned about Social Networking

Since I don’t watch actual television I occasionally seek out some memorable TV shows from my childhood – I’ve re-watched The A-Team and Airwolf, I’m part the way through Young Indianna Jones the Chronicles, and recently I watched The Moomins, The Girl From Tomorrow and Aquila. It has taken me a couple of years to watch all of this so please don’t think I watch a lot of TV!

Some of this stuff is quite charming and quite educational, some with moralistic undertones. The Young Indianna Jones DVD box set has educational extras and Moomins started off pretty good; but like The A-Team it lost its edge after a while. Wikipedia reveals the following about the Moomins:

[They have] been criticized for commercializing the Moomins. Friends of Tove Jansson [the illustrator and writer) and many old Moomin enthusiasts have stressed that the animations banalize the original and philosophical Moomin world to harmless family entertainment.

The final series of The A-team had the Team becoming somewhat commercialised.

Anyway, I’m now working my way through Roger and the Rottentrolls, which consists of ten-minute episodes with the Rottentrolls played by puppets and the narrator voiced by Martin Clunes from Men Behaving Badly (oh that’s also on my Must re-Watch list). This series is, as far as I can tell, pretty un-educational and is instead humourous – well I find the stupidity of it pretty funny. The reason I write this topic is because of episode four, but first we have to know that Roger and the Rottentrolls was first aired in 1996, and that things like Facebook and Twitter wouldn’t be invented for another decade (or there abouts); watch this, particularly at 6:16 – 7:28 (but it’s only ten minutes long so you may as well watch it all!)…



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