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OpenOffice – Print Selection

OpenOffice keeps printing only a selection of a document, because I seem to have got into the bad habit of leaving something highlighted when I click print or click print after having just pasted a picture into the document and it still being selected that’s all that gets printed… very annoying. I never used to have this problem. I don’t think I’ve every wanted to only print a selected item in a document, sometimes just a particular page, but that’s different. This ‘feature’ is therefore annoying me… can it be turned off? Who knows? I can’t find a solution so I’ve leaving this rant here so maybe a solution will find me 😉



3 comments on “OpenOffice – Print Selection

  1. declutteringthestuff
    7 February, 2016

    That’s happened to us! At least we know why it does it – hate the wasted paper.

    • Brian
      7 February, 2016

      It always seems to happen to me when I’ve put the expensive paper in the printer! >.<

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