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When your gear cable snaps…

…make a video of you replacing it!


2 comments on “When your gear cable snaps…

  1. bribikes
    14 January, 2016

    First of all, I am really sorry that your cable snapped…I would never be the horrible type of person that wishes something bad on someone just so I can get a tutorial on how to fix it 😉
    Secondly: thank you, thank you thank you! After watching your video, I went and looked at the cable on my bike…yeah, I think I can handle replacing it myself next time. I have got the tools and a helpful how-to video, all I need is to buy a cable so that I am prepared! Thanks again, Brian 😀

    • Brian
      15 January, 2016

      You’re welcome – my first ever how-to video, it was fun 😀 Perhaps if you keep your derailleur better maintained than mine your cable will never snap again!

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