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The Procrastinating Cyclist

…and jogger.

Regular readers will surely remember my post a week ago where I got ready for my morning jog and stepped outside… and back in again when I decided a few spots of the wet stuff meant rain… but then after some pacing around the house I convinced myself to go out in “it” anyway… “it was only a few spots”. Later that day I went out on my bike for a few hours wearing the wrong gloves… I’ll put the link at the end of this post if you missed it.

Now I’m planning my work journey tomorrow morning at 10am and I’m faced with this:


It has been like this for months, the persistent rain and the 40-60mph winds. It continues to laugh in my face and try and deter me from going out on my bike, but for the most part I’ve dug deep and found some determination, but it’s such a challenge when I have a car sitting outside whispering to me: “drive me, drive meee… drive me with my heaters on all cosy and warm…. put all your gear in me, I’ll carry it for you, and all your shopping too….”

It really does.

Just last Friday I donned my waterproofs and went out in the wind and rain on my bike to visit a client, and carried some shopping on the way back too – but then I suffered for it the next day – my ankles hurt, at the front where they meet the top of my feet, must be tendons or something I guess. They’re still aching now a little – I tried to rest them but I had a couple of quick trips out to make over the weekend (into the wind again). The route on Friday had a particularly unfriendly hill, which looking on Google Maps tells me climbs 259ft in the space of 3/4 of a mile… I’m guessing that sounds as impressive as it feels?


I actually had the wind behind me on the way up so I didn’t complain on the way up on this occasion, but the other ups-and-downs against the wind (ok the ups more than the downs) must have tested my feet. Going down that particular hill is not actually much fun because right at bottom you meet with a village and a 30mph zone, and then a junction, and it’s not the smoothest of roads either – I have gunned it down it once but I probably took a few mil. out of my brake pads at the bottom. On this occasion I took a different route back.

Anyway, back to the procrastination which I have already begun for tomorrow. My client is some ten miles away and I need to keep my cycling up to meet my end of year target, so I’m going to arrive soggy.


I am going to arrive soggy.

Procrastination over.

*gives the finger to the car through the window and goes to bed*


EDIT: Client cancelled…. LOL!


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