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My ixquick review


A couple of months ago I switched to ixquick as my search engine of choice due to Google badgering me about agreeing to their Ts&Cs before I could search for something (it would work without hindrance in Firefox, but not Internet Explorer).

During this time I’ve learned some of the main differences between ixquick and ‘the annoying one’, differences that affect me at least, which I shall list here now:

Search results page not remembered in tabs

I often leave tabs open in Firefox when I close it, and it remember them for the next time I open up. However, if I leave a page of ixquick’s search results open, I find myself at the blank search screen the next time I open up.

Sometimes slow

ixquick is sometimes slow compared to Google, or sometimes it doesn’t even respond after a couple of seconds, by which time I have resorted to Google

Slow image search

The image search section is slow when you start to scroll down the page of results, and it gets worse the further you scroll down, until it’s virtually unusable. You also have to pay attention to the image URL if you intend on sharing it because it provides a long secure version.


Search results not so helpful

It’s quite easy to not really appreciate how much work a modern search engine does. We can search for a miriad of types of things without realising, such as a news item, a dictionary definition, something we want to buy, or something we expect to receive a Youtube video for – all of this from the simple search engine. This is somewhere where ixquick doesn’t fare so well – Google does a good job of guessing and presenting its findings in a useful manner, rather than just a generic list of results for you to sift through – it will present a recent news headline, dictionary definition, shop item, or Youtube video clearly at the top if that is what it has determined you are looking for.


Having said that, ixquick doesn’t fill your screen with adverts and the clean, un-cluttered experience can be appreciated.


In summary…

ixquick works fine for occasions when you’re looking for information, but if in the back of your mind you realise it’s a news headline, dictionary definition, shop item, or Youtube video, or you want a better image search experience, then I recommend sticking with Google (or even use Bing for this because I have heard this is good for that).

In Firefox I set my search box to use ixquick by default but I can easily switch to Google for one-off searches I want to do there. I’m happy to stick with ixquick for the benefits of privacy and because I’m less happy with Google’s tactics these days – ixquick just feels like a little bit of a step back in terms of a modern search engine experience.

You can read more about my switch to ixquick here.


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