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I was about two years old (back in the 80s) when my mum met my late step-dad. She met him at a disco, he helped out with the DJ equipment from what I understand, and he left that gig/job after a while, and walked away with a mix tape of chart hits of the time. I would borrow it with care and affection a few years later when I had my own cassette players, but as with most over-played cassettes it would start to get chewed up in the player, and so a copy was made for me. The copy was lost but the original still exists in my mum’s collection, and I’m still reminded of it when some of those chart hits from way-back-then come on the radio.

One of the songs is Wishing by A Flock of Seagulls.

When I started focussing on my singing more earlier this year, this track became one that I added to my list of “I want to sing that”. Today I had the urge for some singing practice and as I began it felt like a good day – my voice was obliging and… I got in the groove, so to speak. Wishing was one of a handful of songs I attempted to sing, and record. I record myself so I can hear my voice more objectively, but listening to myself singing usually makes me cringe, more so than when I’m actually trying to sing, but I’m gaining confidence – I’m forgetting I have neighbours and I just get on with it – belt out what I need to, and today, I enjoyed it a lot. After I finished behind the microphone, in my now dark room (it was now evening and I ended up reading lyrics by torch-light!), kneeling on my bedroom floor where I drown myself out with my stereo’s speakers, I went back to my computer and began playing the tracks back.

Wishing was a good one and I was compelled to plug in my keyboard and try and play along… and after a few hours of adding layers of the tune, and even the drums, to my singing, the result was a recording that made me smile – I’m so happy with my progress, the confidence more than anything.

It all needs work, more practice with the singing, and I’d like to add some guitar-playing to it too, and I really threw it together in Audacity… not that I’m trying to play it down or fish for confidence, I just know where I’m at, but this was the first time I’ve ever really put a piece of music together with so many layers…and stripped out the original (I’m used to just playing or singing along)! I’m happy with this…

You can read/hear more on my Music page.


3 comments on “Wishing

  1. bribikes
    26 November, 2015

    It must have felt wonderful to be engrossed in the world of music for the day-so cool that you not only recorded your voice but also the music for the track, that’s really awesome. The end result was fun to listen to…I hope you have more days of being in the music groove soon!

  2. Steve
    27 November, 2015

    Brilliant effort. I wish I was more musically talented.

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