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WordPress & Twitter

I have WordPress set so that it automatically tweets to my Twitter Feed when I post a new post.

This is all I really use Twitter for.

I occasionally log in to Twitter and de-hoard the tweets by removing anything over a year old.

I had considered, just now, removing this link between the two and clearing out all the tweets, since the whole thing seems pointless, but when I logged in to Twitter I noticed something peculiar…

All my WordPress tweets are muddled up – things I posted on my blog last year, or the year before, or the year before that… has been added to my Twitter Feed for this year :/


Okay, so I only had to delete 5 of the rascals…

And then more…

I discovered that if you make an alteration to an old post, it then gets re-tweeted – I’m not sure if this is a useful feature for anyone, but it’s an annoying one for me – ho-hum.

Anyway, I have just discovered that people are actually finding my blog posts, and acknowledging them on Twitter – I must now vow to log in to Twitter more and acknowledge them in return:

*frantically clicks the Like buttons* \o/


5 comments on “WordPress & Twitter

  1. hiddenhoarder
    24 November, 2015

    Twitter drives me crazy. I get messages all the time that I have new followers but the number never changes. You would think then that it would mean that the same number of followers are unfollowing me as are newly following but that doesn’t seem to be the case. I’ve given up on it.

    • Brian
      24 November, 2015

      Oh I’ve noticed this too – weird – I have very few followers, but I’ve noticed I’m getting a few Likes and retweets for some of my blog posts, so I think I’ll stick around on there for now.

      • hiddenhoarder
        24 November, 2015

        Maybe I’ll see if I can set my posts up to automatically go to Twitter and see what happens.

  2. Cascade Lantern
    24 November, 2015

    I used to be addicted to Twitter. (4000K followers) I have left it alone for a year now and don’t miss it. I still use it for breaking news, but it has morphed into something that is more frustrating than it used to be. Now I want to get rid of Facebook, but that’s a bit harder to end because of friends.

    • Brian
      25 November, 2015

      Wow, that’s a lot of followers!

      I too want to get rid of Facebook – I’ve hardly ever used it but I have a handful of stragglers on there. Maybe I’ll just ditch it and hide.

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