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William Minimalistic Morris

Over on Hidden Hoarder‘s blog I saw this William Morris quote:

“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.”

Whenever William Morris is mentioned I recall my work at high school ‘fashion design’ lessons which involved studying his work and creating a wallpaper design in his style. Indeed, searching online for “william morris minimalism” reveals the 19th century English man is widely quoted in minimalistic circles.

Upon reading this particular quote I promptly search for a suitable image online and carefully threw it together with the quote.


I’m now going to print it off on a postcard-sized piece of card or glossy paper and bravely leave it for my mum to discover, I might print off an extra copy for myself – it’s a nice reminder.

I think my mum has far too much stuff for in a house that she now lives in on her own – it concerns me – but how can one approach this issue tactfully, and without sounding like you’re badgering them? I hope the print will be well received.

To be fair we have made good progress, myself included. Once can’t be forced to de-clutter, there is an emotional attachment to the stuff, or an emotional reason for the constant collecting of things – when in this state we have to see a new way, a fresher way, a clearer, less-cluttered way of living and being. It’s like overcoming and addiction or obsession. It’s what I try and achieve for myself.


4 comments on “William Minimalistic Morris

  1. lindamartha
    9 November, 2015

    While I love the Arst and Crafts philosophy and this quote, William Morris actual work to me is very beautiful and ornate.When I think of “minimalism”, I think of modern, empty spaces that use lots of white. lol.
    My mom won’t declutter either. She adores collecting things and since she grew up in a very poor family, these things are the toys she didn’t get as a child. That is why I don’t expect her to declutter. My husband is on the other side-his mom was wealthy but extremely frugal. Even a string should be kept for x amount of years. The problem is of course, how do you find that string when you have clutter? I’m working on him because he actually HATES clutter!

    • Brian
      9 November, 2015

      I think to adore collecting things is something nice, but sometimes it seems to be more of a compulsion that isn’t enjoyed because there ends up being too much clutter.

      I recognise the collecting of things we feel we were deprived of during childhood – I collected old computers for a number of years partly for this reason.

      Thanks for your input.

  2. bribikes
    9 November, 2015

    Lovely quote! I have started to realize in the past year or so how little of the stuff that I own is actually useful…I am slowly getting rid of everything I don’t need.

    • Brian
      10 November, 2015

      It can be surprising – I’m sure you’ll find it refreshing 🙂

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