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De-hoarding on DeviantArt

Decluttering or Dehoarding, the act of trying to attain a minimalistic way of living, can become addictive, and it can permeate through various aspects of our lives – if you try and clear your desk, you’ll probably then tackle the draws, and then look round to the rest of your office space… and maybe the space just outside the room… before you know it, you’ve outed your cat. That’s kind of how it is for me (except the cat part).

Physical clutter is one thing, but then we live in a digital world too, so there is decluttering to do there also – clearing out those digital photos you’ve been storing since you got your first digital camera, clearing out friend lists on Facebook… or reducing the number of people you follow on a website such as DeviantArt.

This topic is relevant to not only DeviantArt, but I have discovered a quirk within the ‘Watch’ feature there, that seems to hamper dehoarding.

da_notificationsThe reason I felt the need to dehoard my DeviantArt account(s) was because I would log in and see many photos or pieces of artwork from people I had once chosen to follow in order to see some of their future work. But tastes change and/or I would find some people would kind of spam my Notifications area because they would have uploaded lots of pictures since I last logged in, and I just couldn’t be bothered to deal with them all.

A way to deal with the mental stress of clutter is to just out the lot of it – rather than deal with it carefully, like carefully sorting through – which can be a problem.

There are a few ways to ‘Unwatch’ people on DeviantArt, but I have discovered that sometimes the process doesn’t seem to complete fully – the person is still listed within the depths of your account (I’ll show you where in just a moment). I’m not sure which was is the right or wrong way, or best, but whichever way you choose will probably depend on which page you’re on at the time you decide to Unwatch someone.

If you view your Watch list from the Notifications area (mouse over the envelope at the top and then click on Watch), there’s an option there to Unwatch, then click on the dropdown on a Deviant’s collection, and click Unwatch…


Alternatively, you could view one of the Deviant’s pictures, and as a recently added feature there is a Watching icon there. This functions the same as the Watching icon on their profile.


Click it and you will be presented with a minefield of options:


Here is where is gets confusing…

If you want to stop watching someone completely, do you deselect all the areas for which you are watching, and then click Save… or Unwatch (because if you’re no longer watching any particular part of their work, are you still watching them at all – surely Save will do the same?) I’m not sure which is right, wrong, or best.

What I do is deselect each area, and then click Unwatch.

Now to check who you are still watching…

Click on the ‘Deviants Online’ icon, then at the bottom of that dropdown is a Manage button – click that.


You will then see your Watching list:


At the top you will see the number of people you are watching (I got mine down to a nice, refreshing low number). You will probably have to view each person’s profile in turn to decide from here if you want to still watch them or not (right-click and open in a new tab to make this process easier). However, seeing the people you are watching in this list form is useful because you may now notice that you are somehow watching people for whom you aren’t actually watching any aspect of their work (the Deviations radio button is deselected – I’m guessing that minefield of Unwatch options we saw earlier can indeed come back to haunt us) – you’re ‘watching them’ but you’re not actually set to be notified of any new Deviations they upload – I guess you could have a friend on DA but you don’t like their artwork.

I worked through my list, first deleting all the stragglers, and then I ensured the Deviations option was the only option selected for each person that remained.

Then click Save at the bottom of the list:


P.S. No offence intended to any of the Deviants who are visible in these examples… I’m still watching you all, I promise 😉


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