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MS FrontPage code spawning…

Okay, so, I still use (good old?) Microsoft FrontPage (2002 with SP3) for some websites I maintain for people… (“that’s where the problem lies”, you say!) and I’m just going to put this issue on my blog so I’ve blogged about it and I can get it off my mind!

I have this issue with one particular website I update regularly whereby some code just keeps duplicating each time I add something new, so I end up with sections of this stuff in the HTML…


The page consists of a list of tables with news items in. Each time I need to add some new news to the page I copy an existing table and paste it at the top of the list, and put in the new news in it. When the page gets too long I move some of the older news to another page. Each page seems to then gradually spawn this extra code over time… each time I edit the page some new lines get added to the HTML code behind the scenes until the page becomes sluggish to edit – FrontPage takes a lot of CPU processing to cut and paste the tables, and that’s when I notice the problem escalating and I have to go in and delete these extra lines of:

<center dir=”ltr”>

The pages also grow in KB too, gaining some 10KB extra with all of this extra bumph.


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