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Simplify your online world – followees

In this day and age we don’t need a home cluttered with hoards of books, DVDs, video games, photo albums, or CDs, because we can have access to all of this stuff via some simple-looking piece of equipment, from a tablet, e-reader, laptop, internet-connected TV, or compact desktop computer. But, lurking behind the scenes can be clutter all the same.

I try and keep things simple.


My photos get put into folders defined first by year, then by month, and then day. Every now and then I go back to the most distant years of my digital collection and thin out my hoard – the earliest years are just single folders with just them memorable shots in… I don’t need all those mis-shots or the ones of times who’s meaning has already been lost from my own memory.

Twitter and Facebook

On Twitter or Facebook I log in every once in a while and delete anything that is older than a year – I really hardly ever use these services, my blog just posts to my Twitter feed automatically when I publish a new post.


I’m signed up to DeviantArt and sometimes I stumble across someone else’s wonderful work that I want to see more of, so I click to follow them. Before I know it, I’m logging in one day and being told ‘so-and-so’ has uploaded a million new pictures since I last signed in… I take a look at a few… and wonder whey I followed them in the first place/do I have time for this?

Some people don’t upload any new pictures for a while, so that doesn’t help, and as I discovered, finding out who you’re following is not as easy to find out as finding out who’s following you. Here’s what you have to do:

Click the friends icon at the top right to get the drop down, then click the Manage button:


You’re then presented with a list of all the people you follow.


I normally only have ‘Collections’ checked but I found all the selections were in a muddle somehow… so I tidied it all up and went to each profile in turn to decide if I wanted to still follow them.

Next up… I need to de-clutter my Second Life inventory…


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