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Broken WordPress – Twitter and Sign Out

It really seems pointless to venture into the WordPress Help Forums, so I’ll get these two issues off my chest here:


For over a month now I’ve noticed that when I’m in the process of writing a post and I want to edit what WordPress is going to throw at my Twitter feed (which by default is the title of the post and a link to it), the text is grey and when I click in the Publicize box to edit it and try and type, the existing text vanishes. Previously I could click in the box and amend/add to what was already there… now it assumes I don’t like any of it… I might just want to add some hash-tags.


Sign Out

Some silly sausage at WordPress put a . in the landing URL, so when users click Sign Out…


…they find themselves at (which doesn’t exist, hence the ‘Server not found’ page) instead of


This silly mistake has been left in place for weeks yet no one at WordPress has picked up on it. Funny, but annoying.


One comment on “Broken WordPress – Twitter and Sign Out

  1. Opinionated Man
    18 September, 2015

    They would be very annoying. Especially the sign out one.

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