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June – a month in the saddle

Up until June I’d never done 30/31 days straight on my bike. Last year I averaged around 20 days per month in the saddle, the best month being December when I did 28 days in total and clocking up my first ever 600+ miles in a month (which I ‘had to do’ to ensure I had matched the previous year’s miles).

This year I’ve been keeping things relaxed but heading towards the latter part of the month of June I realised I hadn’t had a day off, so I kept at it, making sure I went out for at least a few miles on days when I had no where in particular to go. By the 24th I had already done 30 days straight, and now into July it’s day 5 and I may finally have a day with no time on my bike – it’s raining and I have no where particular to be. That’s 40 days in the saddle without really intending it… and I’m happy with that, even if the total miles weren’t anything stellar – if I’m to have another target then it’s to do 700+ miles in a month… but I’m not sure I have the motivation – I was pretty worn out after I did 600+ miles in a month, and I felt I had little time for anything else when I wasn’t cycling, eating or sleeping, but it was a nice achievement.


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This entry was posted on 5 July, 2015 by in Cycling, Health and Fitness.
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