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My Minimalistic Weekend


I was awake early on Sunday, the earliest I’ve woken comfortably without my alarm clock in like, forever. 5am.

I went for a jog, and then had some breakfast, and then I loaded my car up with some junk for the tip/recycling centre.

I was also off to the carboot to do some buying. I rarely drive my car – it probably gets a monthly outing, so I like to combine trips; it saves fuel, time, and money. I did some shopping too.

For the tip/recycling centre I had a computer which consisted of a tower case crammed full of defunct computer bits, and a CRT monitor. The CRT I think was still working but I had not used it during the past eight months, not quite at my ’12 month rule’ limit, but close enough I thought. I had plans to connect the screen and all my others up to my beast of a computer which has four graphics cards to do some visual silliness, but since I hadn’t got my act together I decided to out one of the screens (I have a few more that aren’t being used). I also took an electric garden strimmer that I found in my garden shed when I bought my house, but which didn’t sound too healthy when I started it up – it had no strimmer wire and it seemed to me that the motor needed some new bushes from the noise that it made. Again, I hadn’t got my act together with regards doing what needed to be done with that, so I outed it. I also took a sack of ‘plastic film’ i.e.. all the food packaging that’s labelled as “Not currently recycled”, to be recycled, because I refuse to put it in the ‘general household waste’ bin and send it direct to landfill myself. I also took a few punctured bike inner tubes I had intended to patch up, but never got round to it – choosing to buy a bulk lot of spare inner-tubes instead – I know this isn’t so green of me but there is hassle involved in patching inner-tubes, and more hassle when not successful.

All-in-all, that was quite a good amount of stuff, and since I only ended up buying one item (a large framed picture for my bare living room wall), that was a minimalistic exchange of items.

Leaving a carboot with only one item, when you’ve gone there to buy stuff, is a little depressing I think, but last time I went it wasn’t so good and I left with nothing. This is why I like to combine my trip there with one to the tip, which is on the way. We did a lot of carbooting during my childhood, selling as well as buying (when we went to sell I’m pretty sure we always left with more, and spent more than we earned… on things that we “needed” mind you, or were “worth” more [to us] than we paid for them. Now, while I don’t mean to sound judgemental, or snooty about car-booting, because I’m quite happy owning second-hand stuff, but to be frank, I see a lot of tat at carboots, similar to some second-hand shops – there’s a lot of stuff that people should just throw out, stuff that was never worth much to begin with, and/or which is certainly well past it now. The selling lingo does amuse me though, like “I sold one of these for twice as much on ebay as I’m asking for this one”, or “it was made in France [so made of superior quality]”, or “I had it serviced only last week.”


One comment on “My Minimalistic Weekend

  1. cravingminimalism
    15 June, 2015

    I discovered car boot sales when I lived in the U.K, it was like mini garage sales spread out across a big field, I spent hours at them. Like you, now I am trying to rid my place of the things I bought there! Heh

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