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Lazy Typist


When I used to chat online I would type my sentences properly. I used to be proud of this. I would start sentences with a capital letter, I would use complete words (except for lol or brb), I would use punctuation (although I don’t think I often used a full-stop at the end of a sentence when I would just press Return to send that message), and I would use I instead of i.

Now I’ve let some of these things slip.

At some point in time I stopped beginning my sentences with a capital letter, and more recently, perhaps within the past couple of years (that’s recent, right?) I occasionally find I use i instead of I (which involves holding down a shift key).

I feel lazy because of these slips.

Of course, I can still frown at and judge those who typ lyk dis, and I’m pretty sure I’ll never get to that stage, but I think I’ll make a conscious effort now to bring back the typing style I was once proud of, and I’m sure lead to people seeing me in a different light and appreciating that I was taking the time to press all of the necessary keys.

P.S. I like sending text / SMS messages in full also – this is aided by the fact my phone has a qwerty keyboard 😎


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