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Limits of Adhesion #2

A month ago I had a MotoGP moment on my bicycle (I blogged about it here) – things got a bit slippy when I took a bend as quick I usually do… ok, maybe a little quicker. It was the second slip with in a matter of days – no offs, just wake-up calls. I thought perhaps I was just being a bit too eager/overly-confident, so I’ve been taking that bend and others easier.

I also wondered if my Continental-branded tyres had lost grip with age. I had glanced at them and the tread looked ok – having not had a puncture for some time the tyres don’t get a close look at. Because the front wears slowly it has lasted three years now and I thought perhaps the rubber had lost lost some of its gripiness after doing almost 14K miles (I think I’m on my third rear tyre).

This week, while I was off to the shops, I thought I noticed a piece of rubber flapping on the centre of the front tyre – there had been a piece on the side which hadn’t looked like anything serious when I pulled at it, and I decided to leave it in place. Once I had stopped outside the shops I slowly span the wheel round to see if I could see this new oddity that had been catching my attention, but I couldn’t, so I carried on with my day.

Then today I decided to tend to the bit of rust that has started to show at the bottom of the front forks (yeah, my three year-old bike is getting rusty already, gutted). I took the wheel off and had an even closer look at the tyres. “Wait, is that carcass I see between the tread?!… OMG!” I found the loose bit of rubber and peeled it back for a closer look… I could pretty much pull off all what was left of the layer of rubber.


I don’t think this tyre is doing any more miles!


3 comments on “Limits of Adhesion #2

  1. bribikes
    31 May, 2015

    Oh my, I guess you got the “full value” out of that tire! I agree, a new tire might be a good idea 😉

    • Brian
      1 June, 2015

      *grins* yep, a new tyre fitted this morning – I wasn’t going out on that one again for sure! I’d bought a spare back in January, I think with the intention of changing it when I next got a puncture… which, looking at the tyre, it’s surprising that didn’t happen.

  2. Reblogged this on A Girl, Her Bike, and Their Journey and commented:
    This is a great reminder to check out your bike and gear pre-ride.

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