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Dreams – theft


I like it when I remember my dreams, and I like to search Google for what the different elements mean. Occasionally there isn’t a defining word or words I can pick out that I can plague Google with, and last night there was one such dream, although as I type this, the defining word was theft (which I have now interpreted, but anyway…)

I should also acknowledge that often my dreams feature something from the day before – something I didn’t consciously think of as significant, but then my subconscious decides otherwise. This, I also find fascinating.

Yesterday I read a fellow cyclist’s blog posts about how his bike had been stolen from outside his house – it was quite a new bike and had been locked up and covered over, but in hindsight an easy target for someone that knew it was there: a quiet bit of lock cutting in the night and away they went.

I’ve never had a bike stolen but I have had close friends and family members have theirs pinched. I suppose I am mindful of these instances and since I do leave my bike in various public locations during the day I am considerate about how I park it. I don’t always lock it, such as if I’m expecting to be in and out of the library, bank or shop within a minute or two, but I am also aware that a bike can be whisked away within that short period of time. In fact, if I park it unlocked then I drop it down some gears so should a thief decide to hop on it I have a hope of running after them and catching up before they’ve had a chance to figure out how the shifters work, or I strap my helmet round the wheel to momentarily delay or detract from an attempt. Really though, if I do park it unlocked for a minute or more then I’m constantly looking out through the window to make sure it’s still there. On Friday I left my bike outside the library, and because I was expecting my mum to be in there already I thought I would be in and out within a minute – it was also chucking it down with rain and there was virtually no one around, but still, when it turned out my mum wasn’t in there yet and I had found myself a book to read while I waiting, my brain was screaming at me the whole time to go and lock my bike (since I couldn’t see it from inside), telling me how I will seriously kick myself if I return to its parking spot and find it’s been snatched – it took a lot of self restraint not to just go and lock it. My mum turned up some thirty minutes later, but my bike was still there though (perhaps I’m pushing my luck and will one day regret it) – had it been a busy time of day with nice weather and the wrong crowd outside then things could have been different, but then I would have naturally locked it as soon as I parked it.

Anyway, back to the dreams, and theft, which wasn’t about my bike being stolen (but that’s where the link came from), but some CDs of mine. I have a CD rack that holds 50 CDs, and I dreamed that I was staying in a dorm room and I had foolishly left my stack of CDs by my open door and when I looked, some 5 CDs were missing (the rack is full, so the missing CDs were obvious) – numbers can be significant in dreams, so perhaps 5/50 are relevant. I saw a hand reach round the door and swipe another and I went after the guy and took it from his hand, I then approached the guys he was sharing his room with, one of which was a sort of team leader (an authority figure) and politely asked for my CD back. For some reason things were a bit muddled here because I thought I had already got the CD back, and the one that I held out in my own hand and asked for back sort of morphed into one that wasn’t mine (and I was stuck in one of those situations where you realise you are a little mistaken in what you are saying), which the team leader guy recognised… so I politely asked if it would be okay if I looked through their CDs to find any that I believed were mine and they would agree weren’t theirs. I should also add that the guy I had caught taking the CD was a friend of mine, at least a past one since we moved apart (in the dream I couldn’t remember his name but as soon as I woke I knew – this can, I believe, be cause that part of the brain is more asleep and not accessible to the dream/subconscious state), although I thought anybody could have taken the other CDs, and also the guys in the group seemed decent enough and I wasn’t of the mind to go in there all guns blazing.

Anyway, that was the dream and I have now looked up the dream meaning of “theft”, although I’m not sure what the music CDs represents in all of this, but I have an idea of what the theft was about… but I shall keep that to myself 😉

Dreams which revolve around theft are the psyche’s way of indicating a fear of loss in your life. While theft can occur in many different ways in your dream, such as having your purse stolen, preventing a theft, being involved in a bank robbery, or reporting a theft to the authorities, each of these dreams revolves around the loss of something in some way, shape, or form. When you have dreams about theft, consider your own feelings of security in your waking world. These dreams can also be an indication of someone who is trying to take advantage of you. Often, theft dreams should be taken as a warning for the future. –


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