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Amazon’s Ts&Cs

We all know the game. We want to sign up to some online service and we’re presented with the usual check box: ‘Click here to confirm you (have read) and agree with our terms and conditions…’ We check the box and carry on our way. It’s called the biggest lie [link].

Recently Amazon have been badgering me to update some details so that I can continue selling stuff via their Marketplace. 1) I kept putting off doing this, 2) the e-mails weren’t addressed to me, so I could have considered them bogus (as other had as I discovered when I searched online.)

Dear Seller,
As we informed you in our previous two emails, additional information is required for your Selling on Amazon payment account. To provide this information, please sign in to Seller Central ( using the email address and password associated with your account. Follow the instructions displayed in the notification box on the first page in Seller Central to continue.
It is essential that you provide this information in order for you to remain eligible for our Selling on Amazon programme. If you do not do so … you will not be able to open your Selling on Amazon payment account and you will not be able to continue to sell on Amazon.
Kind regards,
Amazon Payments Europe

The safest thing for me to do was to sign into my Amazon account and see what flags up. And something did indeed flag up.

I found myself on a page of bumf amongst which were links to 5 lots of things to agree to.


The Amazon Services Europe Business Solutions Agreement, Amazon Services Europe Privacy Notice, Amazon Payments Europe Agreement, a Privacy Notice, and the Amazon Payments Europe – Selling on Amazon Acceptable Use Policy.

The first one is an Amazon-killer at 36 pages long (if you choose to print it out to read at your leisure.)


Obviously I wouldn’t be reading all of that but I think the actual reasons I well let my dealings as a seller with Amazon is because of what details they want and because I sell very few items with them now. They want either a driver’s license or passport and for some reason I don’t feel comfortable sharing these details with them and to have them stored in their systems all for the benefit of selling an occasional item over the course of a year – it’s certainly not worth my time to read all of their pages of terms.

There reasoning is, they claim, because “EU regulations require us to collect certain business and personal information from our sellers and to take steps to confirm their identity.” I sort of accept this – after all, PayPal have something similar in place, but in the end, perhaps it’s best I just sell only on Ebay from now on to avoid a further lot of hassle and nonsense.


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