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Earth Hour 2015


Saturday 28th March, 8:30pm

Aside from last year, I think I forgot or something, for the past few years I have participated in Earth Hour. It’s just a simple task of switching all electrical equipment off for an hour and then being mindful for that hour about how we treat our planet.

I say simple, but when you live in a shared household the process of switching everything off will likely mean getting other people involved. This is great if they’re up for it and have a similar mindset, but not so great if they can’t miss ‘that’ TV show for one week. (With catch up TV available online this should be less of an issue now).

This year I’m now living on my own so all I need to do is go round and shut down my computers (yes I have a few) and then flick the switch on the main circuit breaker.

Reading or drawing by candle light seems like a nice quiet way to pass the hour. When I last took part, in 2013, I actually made a whole day of it because I felt for just one hour it wasn’t enough of a ‘thing’ for me. You can read what fun I had then at the link below.


The issue with only spending one hour with the power off is that you can get away with doing what you need to do with power before and after the hour, so technically there is no energy saving. When it comes to spending a whole day without power (as I’m sure those that have ever had a power cut that has lasted for that length of time will appreciate) is that you quickly realise how much we take on-tap power for granted: switching lights on without thinking as we enter a room, having a fridge to keep our food cool (and the light that comes on when we open the door), heating and running hot water, plus hot drinks and the ability to cook food. Not to mention the non-essentials, like TV, radio, and internet for entertainment. I no longer have a television but I am addicted to the internet, so going a day without is somewhat tough-going for me, but it’s quite refreshing to just switch off and do other things.

Perhaps I’ll spend another whole day participating in the event but realistically I need to cook one meal for myself at least. I think it’s important to spend the time considering how every day can be different, instead of just making ourselves go without power for one occasion and then go back to our usual way of life thereafter.

Watch the official 2015 video here:–A


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