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Post to your Blog… in Classic Mode – the last Hurrah!


Back in January last year (2014) I wrote about how WordPress had introduced the blue/’tablet-friendly’ page (as above) for creating a New Post (compared to the traditional ‘Classic’ mode.) Then seven months after that (in August 2014) I provided more instructions in my blog about how to keep using the Classic mode because finding one’s way there had become more tricky.

Now seven months on again (there seems to be some pattern in this) WordPress have made it even more difficult to keep using the Classic mode – clicking on ‘New Post’ icon in the black/grey bar at the top now lands you on the blue ‘tablet-friendly’ New Post page, and now the link to click on to ‘switch to classic mode’ is no longer there.

Here is how it looked before with the classic mode option highlighted:


The lack of consistency regarding sticking with the traditional ‘classic’ menu and system and finding one’s self in the newer blue, blocky, system (that seems to be aimed more towards tablet users) has been a bug-bear of mine all along – the new system looked and felt basic, over-simplified and childish with my usual options hidden away, and I can see why they have made it increasingly difficult to get to the Classic mode – they clearly want us all to switch to the new system and have just been trying to lure us there, step-by-frustrating-step all along (because people don’t generally like change).

As a last hurrah (because I’m sure they’ll close this entry off at some point too… perhaps in October, seven months away) there is one last (?) way to get to the Classic New Post page. For this you have to go to your traditional admin page/Dashboard (https:// [your blog], put your mouse over Posts on the menu on the left, and click Add New.

I can’t dismiss the ‘new’ page entirely, they have made changes since I last looked at it. Here is what I notice since August:

– the option to switch to Classic Mode is gone (as mentioned above)

– it seems they have been working hard to make the page responsive to different window/screen sized so tablet users find it easier to use. I noticed an issue when I restored my web browser down from Maximised to a window – a blank area appeared above the title box (see below).


– the menu has been moved over to the left for those viewing on a large screen (it shifts over to the right when you reduce the page size, and further movements occure when reducing the page down to tablet/mobile screen dimensions).

– I still don’t like the menu. The headings are too faint for my liking, what may be considered less distracting when typing, but I’m not so sure about the compromise).

new_post_tags– adding tags and categories is improved – it was very cumbersome in the last iteration (previously the whole menu got longer and longer as you added more and more tags).

– I need to familiarise myself with the use of a “Featured Image” because while I have been aware of it for a long time since Classic Mode it didn’t seem important – WordPress seemed to just use the first image in my post as the main image and I was happy with that. I did try to set a different featured image but wasn’t sure what the end result was going to be, so I avoided it.

– the use of Excerpts. WordPress (now) gives you the option to include an “optional hand-crafted summary of your content”, but it doesn’t state what use/benefit this is and where and to whom in which situations this will be displayed.

– under Advanced Settings there is a “Slug” option – I have no clue what this is.

– the menus don’t automatically collapse when you drop another one down, so you end up with a very long menu if you’ve been clicking through them without closing them again.

– thankfully the Publish button (and the box for writing in) remain fixed in place while you scroll up and down the menu so there is no more having to scroll all the way back to the top of the menu once you’re finished, just to click Publish.

For the purposes of this post I have used the new New Post page and I feel happier to use it (providing all goes well when I click Publish!)

Edit: Once Published, we’re still not landing on the page with the list of “what other’s have been blogging about with similar tags” on the left – I really like that facility because it puts me in contact with other bloggers who share similar interests/concerns.

I noticed an issue in the Add Media window (which may well be present in Classic mode also). If you search for and add an image that is already in your media library, and then return to add an image that you want to upload, once it’s uploaded you land back in the library section and with the previous search term still in the search box, rather than being presented with the image you just uploaded. (I end up uploading the same image twice or more until it twigs what is going on).

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