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A Lack of Faith

“When the earliest Christian missionaries arrived, proudly bringing their own folk tales and associated myths, they were surprised to find that the story of Noah was already present.”

This I read in Lomas and Knight’s book Uriel’s Machine (which I’m reading again after more than ten year) on page 120. The authors went on to quote Reverend Myron Eells, who in 1878 reported on the widespread nature of Flood stories:

“Those Indians had their traditions of a flood, and that one man and his wife were saved on a raft…”

Why were such missionaries so surprised? If they genuinely believed what they read in the Bible as being the word of God and that God, an almighty being, had created the flood in order to punish people, why would those missionaries, and men of faith, be so surprised that, having travelled to a far off land, such as the Americas, that the ancestors of the people there would not also have also witnessed the hand of God all the same?

Now consider meeting intelligent beings from another planet, should we expect those people to have similar flood stories? Would the hand of God reach that far?

The hand of God or not, I would say yes, such beings would have their own flood stories.

1) Global catastrophes happen (floods, extinction level events, commentary impacts have left their marks and tales and we have seen this happen to Jupiter, and perhaps something significant happened to Mars too).

2) Such catastrophes likely played a part in our own evolution.

  • Would we be here (all the same) if the dinosaur’s hadn’t been wiped out?
  • Would we have evolved the way we did without such hardships taking place during the existence of our species?

Sadly for religion, science and rational thought can provide answers to these questions. My rational thinking can also accept that beings on other planets, along with having flood stories to tell, may also have religions and beliefs in Gods too, because in our case, what has happen in the world around us as we developed lead us to believe in such things.

For some, when what they see around them contradicts their faith, their attitude becomes less than positive. From believing those that haven’t seen the world through their own eyes are are work of the devil, to claiming they will


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