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Cyclists Wiggle


As a cyclist I wiggle.

If I’m stood out of my saddle and ascending a hill, I will wiggle. My bike will wiggle. If I have a pannier or two (or four) strapped to my bike, they will wiggle too. This isn’t akin to swerving, there is no obstacle for me to swerve round, I am not drunk, it’s a wiggle.

As one pedal goes down, the bike will lean hither, and when the other pedal goes down and the first one comes up, the bike will lean thither. This is a wiggle.

After observing the cyclist for a few pedal strokes you will observe the frequency of these regular wiggles, for they are regular, therefore they are a wiggle, and not a random swerve.

So why would a motorist beep his horn at me for wiggling?!

I am a cyclist. I am ascending a hill. I am stood out of my saddle. Therefore I will wiggle.

I cycle thousands of miles a year, in hilly Wales, so I wiggle a lot. I can’t surely be the first cyclist to be observed doing this. Watch the Tour de France – they wiggle too. But I’m not trying to be them, I’m not trying to show off, it’s not done for show, it’s purposeful, it aids my ascent. I’m up out of the saddle because believe it of not, cycling is not just about leg work. I’m not trying to take up more than my fair share of the road – the wiggle probably only takes me through an arc of some 5 or 10 degrees either way at most. You are mistaken if you think my wiggle prevented you from overtaking me as you ascended the hill behind me in your car, unable to see if there was any oncoming traffic over the brow of the hill (assuming you were always going to allow me enough space as you passed). So why beep your horn to air your frustration (for it was a horn of such and not a simple friendly toot) and then take both of your hands off the steering wheel and imitate my wiggle – it does not assist you in descending the hill Mr Motorist, it just makes you look like an ignorant fool.

Ride a bike up a hill and you will likely wiggle too.

Maybe he just liked my butt.


The picture is a montage of a couple of images I found freely available online.

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2 comments on “Cyclists Wiggle

  1. bribikes
    3 March, 2015

    Not only do I wiggle but I also don’t usually bike in a very straight line. I never knew that until I started biking in the snow and saw my wobbly tracks.

    • Brian
      3 March, 2015

      LOL, yes I enjoyed reading how you aim for the crunchy snow 😀 I think taking a wobbly route it’s allowed in such conditions 😉

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