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SETI@home Milestones

As you may well know, or you will if you click here [link], I have been a SETI@home participant for over 15 years.

In the early years of the project that searches for E.T.s there were many many participants, and my efforts were low. I think I remember being around 200th in the UK, but I stuck around, and when I finally got full-time internet at home and few more computers, my persistence paid off. And now, just this month, I climbed to 6th in the UK, and my total credit passed the 100,000,000 mark.



I’m pretty chuffed.

However, with my RAC (current average) hovering around the same position, I’m getting itchy fingers – it has been over two years since I bought a new graphics card (the main component in each of my computers that does the number crunching for the project). But do I perhaps replace a couple of my dated Nvidia 460s, or remain settled with my current effort, or perhaps even dial back my efforts now that I have passed this point? After all, even if I make improvements, my next step up the ladder will not take place for a while.



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