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Ebay’s Global Shipping Programme


I’m not sure how it came to be – maybe I thought it seemed a good idea at the time when I came to list an item I was otherwise going to throw out – a semi-faulty printer/scanner. The new Global Shipping Programme option was selected when I listed the item. That item received just one bidder in the end, so it sold for 99p. But they didn’t pay up, and it was a new account so I had my reservations.

I had to wait a set length of time before I could send them a payment reminder (even thought the button was there), and then wait again for a set length of time before I could file a ‘non payment’ thingy, blah blah blah.



For me, most people pay but when it’s a new ebayer/new account that bids on something it’s easy to be sceptical when the hammer falls. I wouldn’t put it past some people to run amok on ebay by setting up a new account and go bidding on random items to annoy people. Now, with over-sees bidders I dare say the problem will be worse “Lad os irritere en englænder!” (that’s Danish for “Let’s annoy an Englishman!”) because let’s be honest, we care less about people who are further removed from ourselves.

While I was waiting on ebay’s dilly-dallying I looked into the Global Shipping Program. It turned out the option was not selected on my new listings by default, and that to “qualify”/meet the criteria, one has to specify the size and weight of the parcel, amongst other things, so that ebay can calculate the postage on your behalf for the buyers, where-ever they might be in the world.

This I hadn’t done.

It’s was possible for me to create my listing without filling in the necessary size and weight details, so I don’t know what postage cost the foreign buyers would have been presented with.


Any other time I wouldn’t have listed such an item with international postage, although I have occasionally had people from far-off lands see such a listing and enquire about posting to them – I usually get a rough idea of the cost and round it up a little to make sure I’m covered and it’s worth my while – they can either take it of leave it, I’m not fussed.

So, because my listing had automatically been enrolled in the Global Shipping Programme, and my first experience was going south I found out how to cancel that option so future listings wont automatically be listed like that.


Another new option I’m sceptical about is this “Click and Collect” thing where you post it to an Argos store instead. To me my items will be passing through too many hands, with each pair potentially not being the gentlest, and I suspect more dilly-dallying if things go amiss.


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