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Viacom and The Secret Rulers of the World


I stumbled across ‘The Secret Rulers of the World’ series of videos on Youtube.[1]

They seem to echo what David Icke talks about and I had been watching some videos of him too recently.[2]

Sadly video 4/29 of ‘The Secret Rulers of the World’ has been removed following a take-down request by Viacom. The irony is that the series was getting into stuff about Jews and according to Wikipedia, “Voting control of Viacom is held by National Amusements, Inc., a privately owned theater company controlled in turn by billionaire Sumner Redstone.”[3], and “Sumner was born to a Jewish family.”[4]

I don’t understand why being Jewish is a relevant point on such Wikipedia pages (although the point amused me in itself) – I don’t think I’ve seen it stated that “so-and-so was Christian”, for example.

In fact, searching for “American businessman and is a media magnate” on Google (just as Wikipedia describes Sumner) I find another person at the top of the search results (Sumner being second): Robert L. Johnson.[5] Now in the same paragraph (the second) on his page it doesn’t state his “ethnoreligious” position (that is how Wikipedia defines Jews by the way[6]), although it does point out in the opening paragraph that he was “the founder of Black Entertainment Television [and yes he’s black, and would you believe it, that] was sold to Viacom in 2001.” and he “became the first African-American billionaire.” Yet he was born in America, as was his mother (and perhaps also his father, but I couldn’t find that out).

My point is that I get confused why some things are mentioned as if they are relevant. I was born in England but I don’t live there now – but I still consider myself to be English (just like my parents), but that’s a personal thing to me. I had what I feel was a Christian upbringing, but I wouldn’t label myself as Christian now, again it’s a personal thing to me. They’re my roots and as such they give me my sense of belonging and place in the world, yet at the same time these things are irrelevant to myself and position now. Such details can be used to form various lists, such as Redstone being on the list of “Top 50 most influential Jews 2013” and Johnstone is on Forbes’ list of “The Wealthiest Black American.” So maybe it’s a list thing.

In addition to this, Sumner Redstone’s Wikipedia page states his nationality and Ethnicity in a table on the right of the page (as USA and American respectively), yet there is no picture of him, but Robert Johnstone’s page states neither of these points there, yet there is a picture of him. Perhaps this is simply a Wikipedia continuity issue, which maybe due to the fact Johnstone is only a millionaire, whereas Redstone is a billionaire.

If anyone finds a working episode 4 of The Secret Rulers of the World, I’d be grateful for a link.







Edit: I spotted “Viacom”:



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