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Boxing Day Morn’

bird_lounge ‘Twas the day after Christmas
On Boxing Day morn’
The Master was still asleep
Yet to stretch, or yawn.

But out on the chimney arose quite a ruckus
And down a tumbling came much muck, and mess.
The Palace was invaded at 9am
By two winged beasts amidst mayhem.

The Master ran down
Upon his face a frown
No time even
To don a dressing gown.

Around the lounge flew two of these birds
A scattering, a knocking, were to all be heard.
Then through to the kitchen, one did fly
A view to the window, a sight of the sky.

A clunk, a clatter
And a splatter
Of poo
“Be off with you now, give in, will you shoo!”

Stepped forward the Master
To lend some assist,
Flung open the window
But the bird did persist.

bird_drawing_roomWith flapping and squawking
It hit the closed pane,
Then coaxed out the right one
To avoid doing the same.

Back to the lounge
Returned the awakened,
Where upon furniture
The second was found.

“Come down from you there…
You cannot stay…
Let’s find you a window;
I’ll bid you good day.”

The bird leapt off
And took to flight,
Withdrawing to the drawing room
Where light was in sight.

The saviour of creatures
Stepped forward once more;
“Left window, or right,
Or would you prefer the front door?”

One of them he opened,
For the crow who agreed,
Swooping off down the street
Glad to be freed.


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