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I’ve just contacted the team in hope that they will address this issue.

I’ve just been typing an e-mail which included a URL, but I didn’t want it to be auto-linked as happens when I type it and then press the space bar or Return at the end. To avoid the auto-linking I typed the website address into Notepad and then pasted it into the e-mail and continued typing further down. The website address remained as normal text for a few moments while I typed, but then as I was part the way through a sentence it would suddenly auto-link and move my typing cursor up to that position… quite annoying. It did this every time.

I had to finish typing my e-mail and then paste in the website addresses, before sending, to avoid the auto-linking from taking place.

In other documents (such as OpenOffice’s Writer) one can ‘undo’ (CTRL+Z) after a website address is typed and auto-linked, to remove the hyperlink, but this doesn’t work in, it would be nice if one could avoid the persistent auto-linking when it is not wanted, or at least for the page not to move my typing cursor around, interrupting my flow.

One can hope 🙂


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