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RL Halloween

Earlier this year I moved house. My place is kind of run down, I quite like it. I’m used to dressing up in Second Life and visiting spooky places for Halloween. I also have fond memories of childhood trick-or-treating. So this year I dressed me and my house up a little… me as a ‘creepy butler’ and my house as, well, a creepy’ish house. I share with you here the pictures I took. I also had spooky organ music echoing through the house from upstairs… it’s a shame there were no trick-or-treaters, but I had fun!

"You rang?"

“You rang?”

The picture in the doorway was hard to do because the wind kept blowing the candles out. I wanted a photo without the porch light on because it over powered the candles… but further attempts were made in vain!

I bought the waistcoat especially, from a charity shop. It was one of only two I could find, and the only one in my size – so a lucky find.

Lurking in the dark...

Lurking in the dark…

At the end of All Hallows' Eve... eating my way through the leftover sweets...

At the end of All Hallows’ Eve… eating my way through the leftover sweets…

The candelabra came in under my budget thanks to the guy at the junk shop splitting a pair and selling it me for half the price of the two. The final challenge was to find some candles to fit it – it turned out new candelabras use thinner candles, so those candles are more easily available, but this being an older candelabra meant i needed thicker ones… which I could only find one of… so I settled for thinner ones and just melted wax into the holders and stuck the candles in (thanks to mum for that tip).

I did contemplate a pumpkin or three, but I could probably only eat my way through one, and I couldn’t justify the price – I thought maybe I could grab a reduced one at the end of the day, but they had sold out in all of the shops here – perhaps because they are in short supply this year.

Then I found out, after I used up half of the candles that, according to Wikipedia, Halloween/All Hallows’ Eve is a part of the triduum that is Allhallowtide, which lasts from October 31 to November 2, so maybe I have three days of silliness!?


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