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Second Life’s Rift in the Cloud

I was supposed to post this back in June, but it ended up in my Drafts folder, incomplete, so please forgive the belatedness.

Ok, so the title is lame but there have been a couple of new things I’ve seen when visiting the Second Lite website this week [back in June]. Can you guess what they are yet?… The clues are there in the title… No? Ok, then let me explain.

The first thing I saw was that Linden, the makers of Second Life, are selling cloud computing.

The underlying concept of cloud computing actually dates back to the 1950s, but the term has become a buzzword during the past ten years. With an increasing number of SLists using mobile computing devices from smart phones to tablets (plus all the existing underpowered laptops and desktops struggling to provide their users with a smooth, lag-free SLexperience), the ‘Cloud Gaming’ concept is being used to its best effect.

The second thing I saw was that Linden are promoting the us of Oculus Rift in SL –

It all kind of reminds me of the Lawnmower Man films (and later the Matrix aboard the Nebuchadnezzar, and Avatar in the pods, this idea that we can hook ourselves up to a ‘virtual’ world.




I think I prefer the cobbled together image presented is Lawnmower Man and the Matrix, over something sleek and in it’s polished form suitable for the masses as the Rift headsets appear to be and certainly will be when they finally go on sale. All of my computers are very much cobbled together because I used them for different things and I like to tinker. I did cobble a few screens together a year or so ago and dived into SL to see what it would look like, or even if it would work. I remember it was impressive: having such a wide field of view, in fact a strange effect I discovered was that I could effectively see round corners.

The Rift headset for use in SL does intrigue me, not enough to consider buying one, but I am intrigued none the less. Such as the point about the avatar’s view reflecting what the user’s head is doing and where the user is actually looking… it will take strategic camming to a whole new level. I wonder if those whe like their avis to look like their real life selves will put a Rift headset on their avi… perhaps such an accessory is already available on Marketplace….

For the time being, I will continue to chuckle at the advert for ‘E4’s Virtual Headbucket’:


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