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What’s Hot DeviantART?

…Women apparently.


With the latest changes to DeviantART I have found myself on the What’s Hot page, the first line of which is occupied by pictures of female characters. I’m not complaining as such but it seems a little biased.

When the changes rolled out I didn’t find the new page I was presented with to be my sort of thing, but clicking the Browse link gets be back to where I’m familiar with, and now I’m presented with that by default again.

[EDIT] I’ve just discovered my profile page on DeviantART has changed also – it now includes by default an Activity Feed, so in addition to the box on the left with my latest Deviations, it puts larger versions down the right, above the deviantID box and comments. Annoying I think. I tried to edit it, but it doesn’t allow you to move it below the list of comments… so I shall remove that instead.



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