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PayPal – we’re all children?


Back in May I wrote of my mild annoyance of PayPal’s annoying (and distracting) login page (the flash animation/video playing in the background – you can prevent this by using the Flashblock addon in Firefox).

I don’t think it serves any purpose – for me PayPal is an online banking service and banks, in my opinion, should present themselves in a mature fashion, the seriousness shouldn’t be overbearing but is dumbing things down what we need? I don’t think so.

PayPal’s login screen isn’t the only annoyance in this regard. Once logged in I am currently having the above banner splashed across my screen, as seen above. It’s in the style of a doodle, as a youngster might make in their school text book, and it ends with the statement “People Rule”. To me it reads: “Children Rule” and I find it patronising. Perhaps the design team’s intention (and I assume a team was involved, even if it doesn’t look like it on first galnce), is to present PayPal in a friendly manner. A balance is important here – friendly, but serious.

Once logged in proper it doesn’t get much better. PayPal have dumbed down their website, I assume this is to cater for all the people now using tablets to access their website, users who need everything simple and hidden behind big buttons to aid thier naviation. This is frustrating for the rest of us sitting at a proper computer trying to get serious work done.

Please grow up PayPal.

P.S. The reason I was logging into my PayPal account on this occasion was to check my balance and transfer in funds from a bank account. This failed and I am being presented with the unhelpful message: “Sorry, we’re unable to process your request. You can still move money from your bank account to your PayPal account.” I will have to try again tomorrow.


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