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Second Life Destinations (and Choose Avatar) window(s)


This issue has been plaguing me for over a year, and across different computers and with different Avatars (and different versions of the Second Life viewer – some upgraded gradually, some freshly installed). The issue it that Destinations windows doesn’t always display correctly. I have just discovered it affects the Choose Avatar window too (but I don’t use that).

I have been informed that in the Singularity viewer the Destinations tool is called “Showcase”.


Here are the various ways the Destinations window has appeared to me:

– Working fine
– Spinning loading icons where there should be categories (these cannot be clicked)
– It seems to load but mousing over the categories shows a yellow box of script instead of a Teleport > button and information about that item (again, these cannot be clicked)- A blank window

– When investigating the Choose Avatar window fault, the two faults don’t always occur at the same time, so it isn’t the failing of a common component shared by these two windows.


If the Destinations window fails in anyway I have to relog and try again. Usually it will work on the second attempt, but not always. Ignoring the fault is also an option as it doesn’t seem to affect anything else – it’s just frustrating.

I have tried searching on Google for an explanation or other people reporting the problem, and I have asked around in world, with no success. Is it only affecting me? I doubt it.

With regards to the Choose Avatar window, I would expect a fault here would show itself more often amongst new visitors to Second Life who I think are the only ones likely to use the feature, so I am puzzled why there seem to be no reported cases other than my own. If it’s a problem very few people experience, or even only myself, then perhaps it’s not an intermittent server issue (as I originally suspected). The only logical explanation I can come to (if it’s only my problem), is that it’s a problem with one of my avatars’ inventory data in the cache – since the same cache directory is used for all avatars and is downloaded on each computer I use for Second Life, and I assume the Destination windows data is stored in cache. Just to reiterate, clearing cache will not solve this because I have installed Second Life a fresh on fresh Windows installed only to experience the same problem.

A work around is to use the Search tool in the viewer, but this is not ideal because clicking the Destinations button takes one click, and when it works presents the Destinations in a slick interface, whereas using the Search tool involves clicking the icon, clicking Destination Guide, and then View All Destinations… the results are then not categorised quite the same either. Really the Destinations button feature should work as intended. I’m being stubborn by not simply removing the Destinations button from the toolbar and pretending the feature doesn’t exist.


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