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My Fourth Second Life Rezz Day

In the virtual world that is Second Life your rezz day is your in-world birthday, based on the day you signed up. I recently celebrated my fourth.

For over a year I’ve had limited internet access so I’ve not been fully able to immerse myself in the virtual world like I used to, although I think I’ve done surprisingly well to keep in touch with friends. However, it just so happened that just before my rezz day I got a new broadband service, so all that has changed and I was able to spend a number of hours in-world.

Last year (and the year before that) I also blogged about my rezz day and I stated then that for me, rezz days are all about friends. I still think that is true, in fact most days in Second Life are about friends I think, but a rezz day can perhaps be more about reminiscing – remembering friends who aren’t around so much, the ones you used to have (which can be depressing if you don’t focus on the fun times), and indeed thinking about the places you’ve explored over the past year (assuming you’re like me and like exploring places.) Having regained my freedom to be in Second Life much more I’ve made a few new friends too, so I’m enjoying that aspect also.

It just so happened (I suppose because I was looking around for somewhere to spend my rezz day) that I found Kyo Kyo.


As the greeter will inform you when you arrive:

This is an experimental build… It hardly fits any pattern.                 
Things you can do:
– find the hidden prizes all over the island
– get the free fantasy avatars
– enjoy the beach – which you can color to your likes!
– dance at the tower
– spend quality time with your partner at the farm or beneath the tower or in the apartments
– ride the ravepads
etc !

I got myself the necessary wristband (it grants you access beyond the room you arrive in) and had a quick look around. I then TPd (teleported) in my friend (one of my last year’s rezz day victims) and we ventured off together.

In addition to the wrist band cleverness, there are other features of this sim that can affect your avatar (without having to jump on “pose ball” or grant permission to animate you). A slippery slide of pink stuff is one thing.


Oh this is my friend, doesn’t she look adorable in her party hat?! (mandatory for rezz day shenanigans) – I commented that it felt like we were a comedy double-act, especially when we failed to both make it up on this elevator at the same time:


As we ventured around more and I cammed around the place I felt more and more like we were in Teletubby land… so I found the suitable music to accompany us on our travels:

Then we found (after floating through a tunnel – again without being asked if we wanted to be animated… clever stuff) the “ravepads” mentioned by the greeter.


However, once we hopped on one each, it became less “rave” and more “90’s pop” (we were doing the Macerena), again I chose the suitable music:

After some more silly stuff (including a incident with a scary dog) we ventured off to a beach for ice cream:

Agento Lago “Silver Lake”, Rainbow Hills:


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