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Post to your Blog… in Classic Mode

The title is a tip.

I little while ago (January 2013) I blogged about how WordPress had changed and were giving us bloggers two different ways of posting – the classic way, or what seems to be a ‘tablet-friendly’ way. I wanted to stick to the screen I was familiar with, but it was a little tricky to navigate to that screen once the new option was in place. Hence my blog.

Now WordPress has changed again. They’re still pushing the “simplified” ‘tablet-friendly”-style publishing page. I came to write my waffle, carefully navigating the menu-system to get to the page I wanted, and bam, I was landed on the simpleton’s page that I refuse to use. (I say simpleton, but I mean tablet-user who, who I assume is who the basic Editor is aimed at since they typically benefit from a slightly different interface).


Sneakily, at the top there is a link to the Classic Mode (which I have highlighted in the illustration above), but I thought I would give the new, new version a try. The tip is in title, stick to the Classic Mode, but please keep reading.

The main issue I had with the original basic version was its lack of options, in particular the lack of ability to specify which category/categories you wanted your post to end up in. But now the options appeared to be there, just like I need from the Classic Mode. “Great, now we can use the ‘basic’ version?” Not quite.

tagsIn testing out this new screen I wrote what I wanted to write and added some pictures. That was all straightforward. Then came the final stages I go through; adding tags and categories. Then the page became cumbersome to navigate.

Each of the options are laid out down the right-hand side, similar to the Classic Mode. However, they’re all hidden away in drop-downs (to keep things looking clean – but don’t let that fool you). As I proceeded to add my tags, a list was forming, not a compact list/cluster like in Classic Mode, but a large overly-spaced-out list of tags. The page got long, very quickly. My editing window was soon disappearing off the top of the screen and I was having to scroll back up the window to refer to my post to decide which word to add next as a tag, and then scroll back down the page to add the tag in the box, each time the page getting longer.



It was frustrating. And to add insult to [repetitive strain] injury, after adding my last tag, and with all of the drop-downs dropped down (because I had got distracted/curious as to what options were hidden within) I had to scroll all the way back up a very long page to find the Publish button. Admittedly one has to scroll on the Classic page, but things are a lot more compact in that version, so I had hardly noticed the effort required.

Then came the disappointment. I clicked Publish, and then nothing. Ok, it had successfully submitted my post (phew – always highlight and copy before clicking Publish/Send), but the confirmation (which I’ve highlighted in the illustration below) was very subtle and very grey and was still showing me on the Edit page.


taggingI opened another tab in my browser and visited my blog to made doubly-sure my new post was there. The disappointment wasn’t this though, no, this was just another annoyance, the disappointment was that I wasn’t presented with a list of my tags with the option to see what others had written on those topics – something I enjoy doing.

In conclusion, WordPress have made some headway to bring options to their basic publishing page (which admittedly I still have no need for), but the screen becomes cumbersome when using those options, and with all of those options now accessible, it makes me wonder, why not just make do with the Classic Mode, even if you are trying to blog on a tablet (which by the way, I’m not)?


8 comments on “Post to your Blog… in Classic Mode

    15 August, 2014

    I agree its a complete mess and wordpress are not willing to listen, Nokia made the same mistake when not paying enough attention to software

  2. Gunny G
    15 August, 2014

    Thanx 4-posting!
    Obviously, continuity and simplicity is not their forte!

    but then…i never/seldom seen anyone competent in any position of authority and/or responsibility,,,

    Dick.G: AMERICAN!
    aka: Gunny G

  3. Cathy
    15 August, 2014

    I much prefer the classic mode, is there a way to get it as usual without having to select it each time, do you know?

    • Brian
      16 August, 2014

      Not how I used to for sure. Now the only other way from within WordPress (other than selecting it each time) is from within the “Classic” Dashboard, hover over Posts and click Add New.

      Or try creating a shortcut on your desktop or in your Favorites/Bookmarks that points to https://%5BYOUR BLOG]

      That currently works for me.

      • Cathy
        16 August, 2014

        Thanks very much. Why people always want to change things that work perfectly well, I’ll never know.

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