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…one man's contribution to the Weeeeerly Wild World Wish List – full name made public by default

I have a section on my website where I list all the books I have read, I also have a list of books I would like to own – a wish list if you will. Perhaps, since I buy most of my books via the Amazon Marketplace, I should use Amazon’s Wish List feature.

I activated my first list and amended the privacy setting so that I could make the list public via a simple link/URL. However, when I checked out the link using an alternative web browser, I noticed that my full name was public by default. I prefer to by known online as Brian. I could change the list title, and add a profile picture, but no where mentioned my full name (ironically, being logged in kept it hidden from me).


A quick search online revealed various forums with posters listing the steps to take. However, it seems those steps work for, but not Hence this post.

Here are the steps:

When logged in and viewing your Wish List, click on “List actions”:


Click on “Update list profile” (I’d also recommend checking your privacy settings too).

Amend your “Recipient’s Name”.


Be sure to click “Save profile settings”

To check your settings, return to your Wish List (via the “Your Account” button) and click “Share with Friends”. You’ll be presented with your unique wish list URL/link. Copy and paste this into another web browser (or copy it, log out, and paste it into your address bar).



Here’s my Wish List:


One comment on “ Wish List – full name made public by default

  1. Irritated Amazon Reviewer
    8 September, 2016

    Imagine my surprise when I had selected a book on sexual health, added to a wish list on accident 3 years ago, and it was default set to public & my real name. Every review, etc. I had ever written linked to that list with my real name. Thanks Amazon. If I select to have a nom de plume, I should have the right to keep it unless I opt in to have it overwritten, not the other way around. Cheers.

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