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From Guantanamo Bay to ISIS

The Guantanamo Bay detention camp in Cuba was established by the United States back in January of 2002. According to Donald Rumsfelt it was set up “to detain extraordinarily dangerous prisoners, to interrogate prisoners in an optimal setting, and to prosecute prisoners for war crimes.” Most of the detainees are from Afghanistan and were captured in the “war on terror”.

The Bush administration asserted that detainees were not entitled to any of the protections of the Geneva Conventions – treaties and protocols that establish standards of the humanitarian treatment of war. While ensuing U.S. Supreme Court decisions since 2004 have determined otherwise, and Obama declared to close the camp, the damage seems to have already been done, and likely continues to be done.

Perhaps Obama isn’t to blame for the lack of closure, since it is Congress that “has made closing the prison difficult through various pieces of legislation.” Perhaps the prison shouldn’t have been opened in the first place while George W. Bush was in office (Amnesty International criticised Bush’s human rights record). Many countries have called for the camp to be closed, but requests have had no effect. It makes you wonder who calls the shots or who is just a puppet (leaders/congress/lawyers etc.).

It’s hardly surprising that those who have always had their issues with the US and the West turn to more extreme measures, or extremism if you will – a ‘war on terror’ was always going to be a case of meeting fire with fire. With every step in the wrong direction a deeper and deeper hole has been dug. And now we have ISIS.

ISIS is the “Islamic State in Iraq and al-Shām”, an “unrecognized Islamic state” who’s independence was proclaimed back in January. The term Jihadism is usually thrown in for added effect.

ISIS has its links with the Guantanamo Bay detention camps thanks to an ex-prisoner, a Moroccan man “suspected of recruiting fighters for [the] ISIS war in Iraq and Syria. The guy in question “was extradited to Spain in 2005, but was acquitted for lack of evidence a year later.”

I can imagine both of these scenarios:

1) a soldier, caught and detained at Guantanamo (already with grievances against his captors), and subjected to whatever else goes on there, later release to go on to live a less desirable life.

And also:

2) a man, wrongly detained at Guantanamo, with no prior issues with his captors, but after being subjected to whatever goes on at the prison (perhaps including being bundled with soldiers like scenario 1)) later being released to live a less desirable.

In fact, recently there have been concerns about British prisons (in Britain) “turning into a breeding ground for terrorists”, so I think this says a lot about what we can expect from a prison such as Guantanamo.

A third scenario of the following, seems highly unlikely:

3) man/soldier being detained at Guantanamo … being released with total love and respect for the world and people around him.

One can see why, having dug themselves into the hole that is Guantanamo Bay, or indeed the one that is “the war on terror”, digging their way out and closing it and letting all those guys go free, really isn’t an option. The prospect of “rehabilitation”, which could be considered to be a case of training people to live “the good western life” seems 1) highly unlikely, and 2) what I think many people object to in the first place – the “West” isn’t an aspiring prospect for everyone, just as a world of “Islamic Extremism” is one were being told to fear.

If you want a world of peace, you don’t do to war.

If you want a world of loving people, you have to be a loving person.

Call me soft if you will.


Sources and notes:

I used a variety of sources and notes to form the above. The initial urge to write it was based on reading the first article, the rest make for some interesting reading.


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